There can be many causes for static and intermittent audio issues occurring with wireless headsets.

Some wireless devices may use the same wireless channel. In those instances, wireless headset can be susceptible to interference from those other wireless products due to signal overlap. 

Some USB port designs (namely, USB 3.0) can produce 2.4GHz wireless interference when in use, primarily directed above and below the port (long sides). Ideally, keep the headset's wireless USB adapter away from any active USB 3.0 ports, especially not directly adjacent to any of them. If you are out of ports to utilize, a basic USB extension cable (one-to-one, not a hub) can be used to shift the wireless adapter away from the active ports. 

If you are using a USB hub of some kind, or have a significant number of high-power-draw devices connected via USB, try moving around how you have those devices plugged in. Depending on the system, power supply to the USB ports can also cause issues. 

If your system (namely, wherever the headset wireless adapter is located on the system) is near your wireless router / access point, it can also be a source of interference. Most wireless routers / access points by default broadcast a 2.4GHz wireless signal. The broadcast power of your router likely exceeds the strength of any other wireless device in proximity to the headset. If the wireless adapter is in close proximity (<10ft away), manually change the 2.4GHz channel on the router Wi-Fi from Auto to channels 1, 6, or 11. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are best since they do not overlap with other channels. You may need to try all three to see which yields the best results.