Usage (with Control Box)

  • Connect the headset’s 3.5mm audio jack to the input jack on the USB control box. The USB control box then connects to a computer using the USB connector on the end of the control box.

To ensure that HyperX Cloud II is the default audio device, you must follow these instructions:

For Windows:

  1. Open up Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound and then select Sound.
  2. If the “HyperX 7.1 Audio” is not currently the default audio device, right-click on the option and select “Set as Default Device.”
  3. This should place a green check mark next to the default audio device.

  • Repeat the same steps for the microphone portion of the headset, located under the “Recording” tab (also found in the Sound program in Control Panel.)

For MAC:

  1. Click the Apple menu and select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  2. In “System Preferences”, click on the ‘Sound’ icon.
  3. Click on the Input tab and select “HyperX 7.1 Audio” for default sound input.
  4. Click on the Output tab and select “HyperX 7.1 Audio” for default sound output.