Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless Controls

Status LED

Status Battery Level LED
Searching - Slow breathing green
Connected* 90% - 100% Solid green for 5s
10% - 90% Blinking green for 10s
< 10% Blinking red for 10s

*Battery level indication
*The status LED will automatically turn off to conserve battery life

Power Button

• Hold for 3 seconds to power headset on/off

Swivel to Mute Microphone

• Swivel up to mute microphone
• Swivel down to unmute microphone

Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless Controls 3

Volume Wheel

• Scroll up and down to adjust volume level
WARNING: Permanent hearing damage can occur if a headset is used at high volumes for extended
periods of time

Tone Notifications

Headset status Tone Notification
Power On  1 tone (mid)
Power Off 2 tones (high, low)
Maximum volume reached 3 tones (high)
Minimum volume reached 3 tones (low)
Low battery (10%) 4 tones (mid, low, mid, low)
Microphone muted  2 tones (high, high)
Microphone active  1 tone (high)
Mic monitoring on/off 2 tones (mid, mid)