Cloud Stinger Core Wireless DTS Controls StatusStatus LED

Headset Status LED
Pairing Flashing green and red every 0.2s
Searching Slow breathing green
Connected, 90%-100% Battery Solid green
Connected, 15%-90% Battery Blinking green
Connected, <15% Battery Blinking red


Power Button

To toggle the headset power on / off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.


Volume Wheel

Scroll up or down to adjust volume level.


Swivel to Mute Microphone

Swivel the microphone up, past the point where it clicks, to mute the microphone



It is recommended to fully charge the headset before first use. 

Charge Status LED
Fully Charged Solid green
15% - 90% Battery Breathing green
< 15% Battery Breathing red