Red Switches

Both Cherry MX Red and HyperX Red switches are linear, suited to pure gaming applications with no tactile feedback on keypresses. This means that when you press a key, the motion is smooth all the way down. When used for gaming, the linear movement helps with faster response time and seamless operation. 


Aqua Switches

Unlike Red linear switches, the HyperX Aqua and Cherry MX Brown switches have a slight bump in their travel path that helps gives the user confirmation of a keypress. Tactile-style key switches fall between clicky switches and linear switches both in terms of their loudness and actuation force. This makes them perfect for gamers who want a mechanical keyboard with a fast key switch, but prioritize accuracy over speed.

Blue Switches

HyperX Blue and Cherry MX Blue switches have an operation style described as clicky. This color switch has a tactile and audible feedback when pressed, meaning you will feel and hear a click for each keystroke entered. These switches are for gamers who require accurate keypresses and need a solid confirmation for each entry.