LED backlight modes:

There are six LED backlight modes: ► Solid (default) ► Breathing ► Trigger ► Explosion ► Wave ► Custom.

  • Solid: Constant lightning (default setting).
  • Breathing: Slow rhythmic blinking that mimics breathing.
  • Trigger: Individuals keys will light up when pressed and slowly fade after one second.
  • Explosion: A lighting effect will radiate from individual keys when pressed.
  • Wave: Keys will light up from left to right in a wave pattern.
  • Custom: You can choose which keys you want to light up. Follow these steps to customize:
  1. Switch the backlight mode to Custom.
  2. Hold the brightness button and game mode button until the backlight turns off.
  3. Press the key or keys you want to have backlight ON.
  4. When finished, press the brightness button and game mode again to save your custom backlight profile.