LED backlight modes:

There are six LED backlight modes: Solid ► Breathing ► Trigger ► Explosion ► Wave ► Custom.

  • Solid: Constant lightning (default setting).
  • Breathing: Slow blinking that mimics breathing.
  • Trigger: Individual keys will light up when pressed and slowly fade after one second.
  • Explosion: A lighting effect will radiate from individual keys when pressed.
  • Wave: Keys will light up from left to right in a wave pattern.
  • Custom: You can choose which keys you want to light up. Follow these steps to customize:
  1. Switch the backlight mode to custom.
  2. Hold FN + Right CTRL until the backlight turns off.
  3. Press the key or keys you want to have backlight ON.
  4. When finished, press FN + Right CTRL again to save your custom backlight profile.