Recording macros is currently not supported on the Alloy Mars 2. 

There are three pre-programmed lighting profiles and 14 built-in lighting effects, each accessible by using hot-key combinations. 

To switch the programmed lighting profile, press Fn + (F1, F2, or F3). To change the lighting effect, press Fn + PrtSc. Each profile can be saved with one of the 14 lighting effects. See the chart below for the list / order of effects and color options.

The speed of the current lighting effect can be changed by pressing Fn + Left Arrow (decrease) or Fn + Right Arrow (increase). There are 8 steps of speed control. By default, Wave is assigned to Profile 1 (Fn + F1), Color Cycle is assigned to Profile 2 (Fn + F2), and HyperX Flame is assigned to Profile 3 (Fn + F3).

The color of certain lighting effects can be changed by pressing Fn + ScrLk.

Order Effect Name Color Change Speed Change
1 Wave (left to right) Y Y
2 Color Cycle (Spectrum) N Y
3 HyperX Flame Y Y
4 Breathing Y Y
5 Footprint Y Y
6 Solid Color Y N
7 Rainbow Wheel N Y
8 Random Lighting N Y
9 River Y Y
10 Radiation Y Y
11 Shadow Y Y
12 Mirror Y Y
13 Sine Wave Y Y
14 Raining Y Y