Ducky One 2 Mini DIP Switch Functions

Key Switch Function

  1. Applicable keys: Fn/Alt/Ctrl/Windows/Caps lock
  2. Operation:
  • Press Fn + Alt + k for 5 seconds.
  • Until the ESC, L_Ctrl, L_Win, L_Alt, R_Alt, R_Win, Fn, R_Ctrl, and Caps lock keys are all lighting up. The colorways are respectively pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.
  • Except for the Caps lock key, the rest of the 6 keys are able to switch each function and color at will. (2 keys max at the same time)
  • Press Caps lock once will change its own function to Fn ( turns into indigo LED color) then L_Ctrl key (turns into red LED color) in order.
  • Press the Esc key once to finish the switching function. Note: You can press the Esc key to leave the switching function before starting it.

DIP Switch Functions

Note : You can input the ideal VID in both situations, but the VID can be only changed when DIP 3 turned on.