Grip Tape
Pulsefire Haste 2 includes grip tape, which can be used for added control and comfort if desired.

1. Attach the button grip tape for the left [1] and right [2] mouse buttons, with the pointed end facing the forward direction of the mouse.
2. Attach the side grip tape for the left [3] and right [4] sides of the mouse, following the shape of the mouse.

Grip tape adhesion may weaken over time, or via repetitive removal and re-use of the original grip tape.

Replacement Skates
Pulsefire Haste 2 includes an extra set of PTFE skates, in case the preinstalled skates are lost, damaged, or worn. To replace the skates, follow these instructions:

1. Remove the skate by gently wedging a flat tool (e.g., a small flathead screwdriver, plastic card, or similar tool) under the skate.
2. Lift and pry the skate from the mouse.
3. Remove adhesive residue and debris from the mouse - A clean dry surface will provide optimal adhesion.
4. Peel the replacement mouse skate from the backing paper and install it on the mouse (Use tweezers if needed).
5. Remove the outer protective film.