We are aware there is a specific build of the SoloCast microphone that does not currently support PlayStation 5 consoles. This does not affect the majority of SoloCasts, but rather only this one build.

The HyperX engineering team is hard at work to develop and deploy a firmware update through our NGENUITY software, as well as a standalone updater, adding PlayStation 5 compatibility to SoloCast microphones affected by this issue.
Please note that currently available firmware updaters will NOT be able to detect this specific build of the SoloCast. To check if you have one of these builds, you can connect your SoloCast to a PC/Mac and check its PID for a value of 098B. If your PID is something else, you should not be affected by this issue.

To check device PID on Windows PC’s:
1.    Press Win+X on your keyboard, and open Device Manager.
2.    Expand the “Sound, video and game controllers” tree.
3.    Double-click on the “HyperX SoloCast” or right-click and select Properties.
4.    Go to the Details tab, select “Hardware Ids” from the dropdown, and see what PID value your SoloCast has.

To check device VID on a Mac:
1.    Press Command+Space bar on your keyboard.
2.    Type in “System Information” and launch the app.
3.    Navigate to the Hardware > USB section.
4.    Find your SoloCast microphone in the USB Device Tree and select it.
5.    Check the information panel for the device to find its Product ID.