Using Auto-Sleep Mode

Your monitor has an energy-saving feature called Auto-Sleep Mode, a reduced power state. This section
describes how to activate or adjust Auto-Sleep Mode on your monitor.

When Auto-Sleep Mode is enabled (enabled by default), the monitor enters a reduced power state when
the computer signals low power mode (without horizontal or vertical sync signal).

Upon entering this reduced power state (Auto-Sleep mode), the monitor screen is blanked, the backlight
turns off, and the power light turns amber. The monitor draws less than 0.5 W of power when in this
reduced power state. The monitor wakes from Auto-Sleep mode when the computer sends an active
signal to the monitor (for example, when you activate the mouse or keyboard).

To disable Auto-Sleep Mode in the OSD:

  1. Press the Menu button to open the OSD.
  2. In the OSD, select Power.
  3. Select Auto-Sleep Mode, and then select Off.