NGenuity (discontinued/legacy software)

Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.01

MSI Afterburner 2

1. After implementing code improvements, there's a small chance memory modules won't be detected with some system configurations. Peripherals will work as intended and with no conflict when running it alongside NGENUITY (May release and up).

2. The crashes are caused by RivaTuner Statistics Server, and NGENUITY isn't the only software affected. To stop the crashes, make sure to use the latest (to date) MSI Afterburner, version 4.6.4 Beta 2 Build 16079, which comes with the latest version of RTSS, ver v7.3.2. If you're still experiencing crashes, try opening RTSS and adding an individual Application Profile for NGENUITY, setting the On-Screen Display Support to OFF, Application Detection Level to None, then go into Setup and Reset Cache. This should stop RTSS from doing Direct3D injection with NGENUITY, and stop the crashes.